My name is Michelle Raena Jogiastra. MRJ are my initials, hence Mr.J. I've always been that girl people thought of as extremely girly, but then I have this tomboy part of me as well. The contrast was confusing at first but I have grown to love it and am now embracing it.
I am the first of two very loud children, blessed with the knack for art and design from none of my parents or relatives. None of my family are artists... That makes me the first!
My passion for the arts and design grew from a very tender age. I have always been fond of beautiful graphics and fonts. Back when Word Art was a thing, I was already playing with various fonts. My passion for design extends to my work. I am always striving for perfection in my work, not stopping until it is on par with my standards. In that way, I am a hard worker. I think that for other people to believe in your work, you need to believe in it first, and when you do, it makes for a good design.
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